Gwen Henderson



"They shall know that we are Christians by our LOVE" John 13:35


is to help, be a vessel to heal, restore and transform the lives of those who are in need. Most of all, to let them know who Jesus is and the difference he can make in their lives.

Fighting the Crisis of Homelessness in Atlanta GA

Feeding the Homeless

Many are homeless in America. The police will force homeless citizens off of the ground at 5 in the morning. Homeless shelter force the homeless out before 5:30am with no where to go. Many of them wait for someone to come around with food. 

They are extremely thirsty in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. Atlanta GA recently closed its main shelter. Help me provide and warm place to lay their heads this year. Provide a pink blanket or any contribution of any amount is helpful. Thank you for your kindness.